Rebecca Caliendo, MM

Counseling Intern

Becca is a clinician in training, currently obtaining her degree in Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is dedicated to the mind body connection in working with individuals who are going through transitions, stressful moments, and trauma.

Becca is a midlife career changer and yoga teacher who has seen much healing on the yoga mat. She wants to take that body awareness to the clinical setting. She strives to help clients understand the connection of mind and body within the healing process. Becca believes that getting into the body is imperative to getting out of the mind. We hold and store information in the body, and once it is felt and released, healing can happen.

Prior to becoming a graduate student in counseling psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Becca worked as a performer and classical musician. She holds degrees in music from both Augustana College and The University of Missouri Columbia. She understands the high stress lifestyle that professionals strive to maintain. 

She believes using tools such as third wave cognitive behavioral therapies and body awareness, clients have the potentiality to feel better. Becca believes it is imperative to walk with her clients and views clients through a holistic lens. She strives to assist clients in a way that is specific to their own individual experience. Each client’s individual experience matters. With the therapeutic connection, each client can heal, live a joyful life, and reach their potentiality.