Staying Well in the Time of Social Distancing Part V

In this final installment of the Wellness Series, I wanted to focus on family and the community. Here in Illinois, Governor Pritzker issued a “Shelter in Place” order that will take effect on Saturday, March 21st. The Shelter in the Place order limits individuals to essentials (grocery shopping, pharmacy trips, outdoor activities, essential healthcare, and essential public services) while maintaining the six-foot distance between individuals. If this has already occurred where you live or it may occur in the future, it is imperative that we support each other.

Individuals who are at high risk of developing severe illness may be in need of assistance for the aforementioned tasks, as the social distancing may not be sufficient to prevent illness. Furthermore social distancing does not have to force isolation; utilizing applications or web-resources (FaceTime, Google Duo, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.) often to check in with friends and family could alleviate some isolation.

For families that live together, now may be a good time to do some activities together that may promote cohesion and familial check-ins. Below are some resources that may be fun for the family or spark some ideas:

  1. Real Simple Magazine: 14 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day
  2. My Kids Time: 50 Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids of All Ages
  3. Mommy Poppins: Corona Virus Guide for Parents: 100s of Activities and Resources

Please also consult our earlier blogs (Part II, Part III, Part IV) to find more resources.

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Chicago, I and the TriWellness team are here to support our community. We offer HIPPA-compliant Telehealth services to assist individuals in Illinois navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic at the safety of their homes.

To learn more about skills for staying well or to schedule an appointment with a clinician please visit our Contact Us page or call the office.

This article was written by Aarti S. Felder, MA, LCPC, to learn more about her you can find her bio here.

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