Staying Well in a Time of Social Distancing III

Children’s Edition

In the midst of the COVID-19 chaos, here in Illinois our schools have closed. Parents and families are forced to adjust to the sudden closures. As difficult as it can be for the parents, it can also feel just as frustrating, confusing, and anxiety provoking for the children.

Helping children to understand the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can alleviate some confusion and fears that may have arose.

Below is a comic describing Covid-19 from npr

Furthermore the sudden offset of events could provoke fear that feels life-threatening and can be traumatic. The National Child Stress Network (NCSN) states providing the child SAFETY, by ensuring that they feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings about the event and the space to reconnect.

Children also thrive with structure; however when quarantined at home, routine and structure can appear more lax. With the prospect of the social distancing and being quarantined in the middle of the school year for an undefined amount of time, children need to maintain their daily weekday routine. If the children don’t have an at-home education plan there are several resources that they may be able to utilize in the interim:

  1. TED Talks for Kids
  2. Khan Academy
  3. NASA
  4. Learning LiftOff
  5. Power My Learning
  6. BrainPOP

Being respectful of the children’s routine in regards to breaks and ensuring to preserve their sanctuary space that they utilize to wind down after school is a very important factor in their at-home structure and should be considered in the process.

Please check our blog everyday, as we will be providing resources to promote wellness in the time of social distancing in this week-long Wellness Series.

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This article was written by Aarti S. Felder, MA, LCPC, to learn more about her you can find her bio here.

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