The Healing Power of the Divine Feminine

The importance of the divine feminine

In mythology the divine feminine, usually represented by the Mother or the Goddess, connects us all to the sacred. Ancient societies saw the planet and all of life as sacred. Family was sacred, the earth was sacred, and all of life had meaning in the interconnected in the sacred circle.

In this circle of unity, women were revered as beautiful and powerful because they were the givers of sacred life. They were grounded in Mother Earth and connected to Father Sky, bringing children into the world through the power of their life-giving love.

Across all of humanity, a mother is the person who brings us into this world and who nourishes and cares for us from the very beginning. As we grow older, our mother is there to comfort us whenever we feel down. She is there to soothe, calm, and encourage us and chase away our fears. When we are nervous, scared, angry, or in pain, she is the person we look to for unconditional support.

A mother’s impact on a child’s development

When it comes to development, a mother is not a trivial matter. This bond is an indispensable part of human existence. With the potential to be one of the most powerful relationships in one’s entire life, it can shape other relationships one would create, including the one with the self.

The absence of a mother figure can have a significant impact on the development of the child. Feeling loved and valued by their mother helps a child to develop healthy self-esteem and build self-confidence, while an absent or unavailable mother can lead to insecurity. The extent of the harm will depend on their environment and how the situation is managed.  

An absent or unavailable mother can lead to several other emotional problems in children. A child may experience feelings of loneliness or worthlessness, if they don’t receive the care and affection they need. This can lead to anger or frustration. Additionally, a child’s social relationships may suffer. Whether due to lack of trust or because they have not learnt the necessary social skills, children who develop without an available mother may have trouble connecting with others. 

How to help a child cope with an absent mother

Despite all the above, there are ways to help a child cope with an absent or unavailable mother. A father, a guardian, or any other attachment figure can fulfill the role of a mother. Understanding and affection are critical, and it is important not to force the relationship. The bond will need to form gradually, on a basis of trust and love.

If the child’s mother is not completely absent, but for example, works long hours away from home, the situation may be much easier to resolve. Many studies have shown that the quality of shared time is far more important than the amount of time spent together. It is important to give the child full attention whenever it is possible. What is done together is less important: play, take a walk, or help with their homework. Just spending time with the child will help them to feel valued and supported. Children understand when their mother takes an interest in them, loves them, and supports them. It is this day-to-day presence that is critical for their development.

Honoring the divine feminine in ourselves

Whether we have a caring, nurturing, attentive mother or we grew up with longing for one, we all have the power to connect to the mother within. Regardless of who we are, the divine feminine energy lies within each one of us. It is beneficial to draw on this energy within ourselves whenever it serves us or has the potential to heal. 

Divine feminine energy represents the following aspects within the universe: 

creation, birth, renewal, healing, restoration, acceptance, connection, oneness, receptivity, nurturing, growth, understanding, insight, empathy, compassion, love, life.

It is understandable that in today’s world many have suppressed these energies in order to cope with the modern-day life. For example, it may be difficult to allow compassion into your life if you were raised to be competitive or number one, and you now expect yourself to maintain a competitive career.  At the present, however, humanity’s mental and physical health largely depends on making the space for these qualities to surface.  

Here are some suggestions that could help you tap into your divine feminine energies:

  • Access your creativity.  
  • Collaborate and connect with others. It can be profoundly healing.
  • Explore, question and heal your ideas and feelings towards the feminine and towards your own mother.
  • Examine your current perception of femininity in your family or culture.  
  • Listen to your emotions. 
  • Get in touch with your intuition. 
  • Cultivate openness, love, compassion and gentleness towards yourself, others and the world.

Harnessing the divine feminine energies has the transformative power to heal a world dangerously lacking in love, and desperately in need of mothering. It is within us all to connect with this energy.  

“Everyone needs to look to the divine feminine.  This is the dominant challenge that faces every society, and the future of humanity depends on meeting the challenge as consciously and as soon as possible.” 

– Deepak Chopra  

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This month’s blog was written by TriWellness intern, Madeline Sullenburger, a Master of Arts student at The Chicago School Professional Psychology. Madeline’s compassion is working with individuals utilizing the Feminist psychotherapeutic modality to guide her treatment process.

Happy Mothers’ Day from the TriWellness Team!

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